For you

Eve: Thank you for reading my blog, Wall-E. It meant the world to me.
Wall-E: Evaaa....
Eve: And thanks for putting the stars around my neck.
Wall-E: Awww
Eve:  I hope you know how much I love you, Wall-E.
Wall-E: Evaaa!
Eve: Will you stop saying 'Evaaa' in that idiotic way and kiss me already?

Wall-E kisses her. Kaa- BOOM!!!!

Eve: Wall-EEEEE!!

No one will understand this, but I know you will. I thought today would be the end, but it looks like it won't be, after all. And that's all thanks to you. Only you can make the end look like a beginning. It will be a baginning, won't it? Of something beautiful and strong and... alive. Thank you for saving me once again.

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