Very Vintage: Exit Betty by Grace Livingston Hill

      A beautiful young heiress flees into the night, running from her oppressive bridegroom, to a fate that might be even worse than marriage to the wrong man.

     Another Grace Livingston Hill gem. I love this one especially because the heroine is a bride when we meet her. Well, an unhappy bride, but still a bride. She runs away from her own wedding and thankfully someone good comes along to help her. Of course, the angry bridegroom looks for her, for mercenary reasons of his own, and there is a theme of suspence throughout the book. There is also a romance, with a man that was attending the almost-wedding, which triumphs in the end.
      Two things make this book exceptional, apart from the beautiful writing of Mrs. Hill. First of all, how the heroine, from a frightened, sheltered child becomes a woman in her own right, able to fend for herself. It was amazing to see her blossom. And then, how she comes to know the Lord. It was an experience so intimate and real, that I have read it again and again and felt truly blessed by it.

Rating: 5/5
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