Journey To The Well by Diana Wallis Taylor


       One of the most well-known and loved stories of Jesus's ministry is the encounter with the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well. Now the creative mind of Diana Wallis Taylor imagines how the Samaritan woman got there in the first place. Marah is just a girl of thirteen when her life is set on a path that will eventually lead her to a life-changing encounter with the Messiah. But before that momentous meeting she must traverse through times of love lost and found, cruel and manipulative men, and gossiping women.

     Oh, how God blessed me through this book!
     It is a retelling, or rather an embelishment of the biblical incident and indeed it gives us a better understanding of it. It creates an environment around the woman, the village, its people, its history through the passage of time. By the time you arrive at the part where Jesus meets the woman by the well, you know her so well, she could be one of your relatives or close friends. You know her thoughts, her feelings, the events of her life, all the men she has 'taken' as Jesus told her, everything about her. And when you read her dialogue with Jesus, which is exactly as it is in the Bible, and we have read it so many times, it has an altogether different depth and meaning, because, well, you know this woman He is talking to.
      I also loved the fact that the author depicts Jesus smiling a lot, and even laughing. That is how I like to think of Him, too.
      The point is, no matter what point in your life you may be at when this book comes your way, I think you will discover what I discovered when, with my eyes full of tears, I finally closed this book: I was the woman at the well.

Rating: 5/5
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