Period Pearl: A Gown of Spanish Lace by Janette Oke

           Ariana loves her life as a schoolteacher in a little frontier town. But one evening after classes are done and she prepares to hurry home, her life changes in an instant when a band of rough outlaws abduct her and take her far away from all she has ever known. Trapped in a small shack, Ariana prays and waits, her emotions swinging between terror and boredom as days stretch into weeks. Still, the outlaws refuse to tell her why they've taken her or what they plan to do.

        This is another one of my favourite books. It has it all, adventure, romance and a mystery that keeps the reader turning the pages until the very last one. The heroine has spunk and courage. And her faith in the Lord is what sustains her in the midst od terrible circumstances. The hero is strong, protective and about to be incredibly transformed by two kinds of love.
        The book is written in a style that flows easily and the thoughts of the characters are given to us between the pages that are packed with dialogue or action. However, that does not hinder the enjoyment of the book, on the contrary it helps transport the reader inside the characters' heads.
        I also found the verses included in this book very helpful in my personal life. I found myself repeating them during tough times, just like Ariana.
        When I got married, I looked for and found "a gown of spanish lace" too!

Rating: 5/5
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