Tea and Scones: Lending Books

         Hello everyone, I hope you are well. For the past few days I didn't have an internet connection and that's why I haven't updated my blog. I eally missed you, guys. Now that May is here, it is officially spring (and about to turn into summer) and I thought I might try something different. I am anxious to hear your opinions about it.
          This post will be the first of other "tea and scones" sections where we can share our thoughts on a subject. I am eager to discuss things with you, especially since this blog has achieved the magical number of 13 (!!!) followers. I like to imagine that we are all sitting around in my sitting-room,which is large and filled with sunshine, sipping our tea and talking books.
           So, here goes.

              What do you think about lending books to your friends and relatives? I admit that I am extremely reluctant to part with my books, but I never know how to refuse. Of course, maybe this has to do with the fact that I had an unpleasant experience with a woman who borrowed a lot of my books once, with promises to take care of them and return them soon. Neddless to say, a couple of years after that, I happened to visit her home and I found my precious books neatly arranged in her library, among her own. She appeared to have no recollection of ever having borrowed anything from me. Ever since I don't ever want to let anyone borrow a book. I would prefer to buy a new one and give it to them.
              Recently my mother-in-law gave me a nice idea. She said that she always writes down who has borrowed her books, so that she can ask for them back if the other person has forgotten about them. So I have started doing that, but I am still anxious.
               As for borrowing books from others, I do that too, but I am very careful. I place the borrowed books somewhere apart and tell them, 'now don't get too comfortable here, this isn't your real home; you're just visiting.'
              I hope that being protective of my books doesn't make me a bad person, but I would like to hear what you think about it. Maybe, just maybe, it was a wise man who made up the proverb: "it is better to give than to lend."
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