Very Vintage: The blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery


       Valancy lives a drab life with her overbearing mother and prying aunt. Then a shocking diagnosis from Dr. Trent prompts her to make a fresh start. For the first time, she does and says exactly what she feels. As she expands her limited horizons, Valancy undergoes a transformation, discovering a new world of love and happiness. One of Lucy Maud Montgomery's only novels intended for an adult audience, The Blue Castle is filled with humour and romance.
       This novel is considered one of L.M. Montgomery's few adult works of fiction, along with A Tangled Web, and is the only book she wrote that is entirely set outside of Prince Edward Island.

     We all know Lucy Maud Montgomery from her Anne books (Anne of Green Gables, etc.). But this lovely, inspiring book is for adults and quite different from her usual style in children's and young adult books. First of all, the plot is terribly original and exciting. And then the love story is the sweetest in the whole world.
     However, the most important thing in this book is its message. It tells the story of a young woman who discovers that she has about one year more to live. So suddenly, every petty little restriction and the confining rules her family and society have forced upon her seem quite irrelevant. She only wants to enjoy her little time left on earth. She strikes out on her own. She frees herself of everything and everyone that wants to change her and sets out to do what her heart wants for once. Her life changes. She finds love and happiness. She finds life. 
     Accepting who we are, no matter what people say, is sometimes the most difficult thing to do. To be brave enough to be who we are and enjoy it. This is for most of us (like myself) just a dream, and this book may seem more like a fairytale.....
     But with God on our side we can do it too.
     The story of this book inspired me to start enjoying my life and accepting myself. I was amazed at the change it brought about with God's help.

Rating: 5/5
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