Very Vintage: Miranda by Grace Livingston Hill


 The story of a beloved character rounds out the Miranda trilogy. Five separate times Miranda Griscom has rejected wealthy Mr. Whitney's proposal of marriage, content in her role as housekeeper and nanny for the Spaffords. The community thinks her daft to refuse such a man, but they don't know that her heart belongs to the town's black sheep-who, when accused of murder twelve years ago, she helped to escape. When she learns he has been living in Oregon Territory, can she hope to get word to him that his name has been cleared and his siblings need him?

   There never was a hero like the man Miranda is going to marry! But then, there never was a girl like Miranda! Sweet, lovely, faithful Miranda. Her faith and trust in God for the future was really inspiring for me. I loved how she was true to her principles no matter what, and how she was true to her first love through all those years. And the way she pretended to be psychic to prove that boy's innocence! It makes me laugh just remembering it! I've never read anything so funny!
   When they finally found each other, I cried, really cried, for joy.
   I discovered this amazing author about two years ago and have looked everywhere for her books. Not all of them are easy to find, but they are completely worth the trouble. Her books are so pure and full of christian principles and they transport the reader back in time in an incredibly charming manner.
   God truly touched me through this book. I hope He will touch you, too.

Rating: 5/5 stars
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