Spiritual Growth: Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge


       Every little girl has dreams of being swept up into a great adventure, of being the beautiful princess. Sadly, when women grow up, they are often swept up into a life filled merely with duty and demands. Many Christian women are tired, struggling under the weight of the pressure to be a "good servant," a nurturing caregiver, or a capable home manager.

       What Wild at Heart did for men, Captivating can do for women. This groundbreaking book shows readers the glorious design of women before the fall, describes how the feminine heart can be restored, and casts a vision for the power, freedom, and beauty of a woman released to be all she was meant to be. By revealing the core desires every woman shares-to be romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a grand adventure, and to unveil beauty-John and Stasi Eldredge invite women to recover their feminine hearts, created in the image of an intimate and passionate God. Further, they encourage men to discover the secret of a woman's soul and to delight in the beauty and strength women were created to offer.

     Although this isn't fiction, it contains many interesting and personal stories from the personal life of the authors and from their ministry among troubled women, which make it very easy to read and to relate to.
     I don't think it would be too much to say that it absolutely changed my life. The way i look at myself and Who i believe God to be. After I had finished reading this book I literally started reading my Bible from start to finish again, because now every verse had a different meaning. I read and read the passages that I had read so many times already I knew them by heart and I thought, wow how could I have not seen that this is what the Lord means by this verse? How could I have missed this? It was as if my eyes had been opened. It was a revelation.
      I have been battling with low self-esteem my entire life and I got this book a few months after I got engaged. I was such a mess that I really don't know how it could be possible to me to have a healthy marriage. But then I started reading this book and then I told everything I had read to my now husband and we talked about it and discovered ourselves through its pages. We studied it along with our Bibles constantly opening both and talking wide-eyed about the things we found out. I really think I owe my marriage to the revelations God brought to us by this book. I actually remember something from this book almost every day and open it very often.
       I daily thank the Lord for bringing it my way... thank You.
       Right now I have lent it to my mother to read. Every time she sees me instead of hello, she says, I want to tell you about what I read in Captivating and her eyes shine. This books does that even to someone who has been happily married to a pastor for over 30 years, like my mom.
        Finally, some of the issued delt with in this book are: beauty, marriage, the differences between man and woman, sisterhood, wifehood, motherhood, friendship, women of the Bible, sel-esteem and self-worth, psychology, manhood, Eve's fall (and Adam's) and many more.
       I was really blessed by this book. I hope you will be too.

Rating 5/5
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