It has recently occured to me (because someone said it, actually) that I read A LOT. A book or two per day. Is that a lot? I don't know. It's just normal for me. Anyway, if I reviewed every book I read, you'd be sick of me already. As it is, here are 10 of the most recent books I read.

Tarzan, spoiled princes, nerdy girls and sea witches...
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Q:adisarrayofthoughts asked on tumblr: Hey ! Love your blog. Can you list all your WIPs/Finished Works with little summaries ? (Terrible thing to ask I know :p)

A:Hey :) Thank you so much for being interested in my books, you don’t know what this means to me! Also, yes, it is cruel to try to sum up your babies books in one sentence, but I'll do my best.
Here we go:
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The new giveaway is here! This one is to celebrate 3K followers on instagram, which I am still in disbelief about. I have met so many precious friends and amazing readers on there, it's truly changed my life. I hope these books might make you a tiny bit as happy as you make me every day.
You can win any book you like from...
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Conversations with an Empty Chair (7) - What If

What if all my prayers were answered?
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Top 5 bookish proposals to make your heart melt this cold Valentine's day. 
If you're anything like me, you keep going back to your favorite passages from certain books. I even keep tabs or bookmarks in my favorite books of all time, so that I can give a quick read to the swoony parts whenever...
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Conversations with an empty chair (6) - I don’t feel much of anything right now
The grief hits you in a while. And the greater...
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Uploading new chapters of Salt for Air on Wednesdays, don't...
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Conversations with an Empty Chair (5) - Storm

Lessons learned during a Storm:
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