Giveaway time!

I posted this pic on instagram and said that I randomly discovered these two copies of The Book Candy Classics edition of Persuasion on my bookshelves, and would anyone like them.

Well, guess what? (giveaway after the break)
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I just spent the entire morning doing the best job on the planet: I just mailed six of my books to the loveliest readers (India, Europe, Puerto Rico and more…) I am so excited to have you read my books, you guys, I can’t believe that you love them and keep pushing me to write more. I am truly (more after the jump)
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Happy pub day to the long-awaited second book in the No Ordinary Star series!

Today is the release date of the second book in the No Orinary Star series, No Plain Rebel! Yay! 
The celebration is well under way on (read more after the break) 
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Lady Midnight book review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Side note: life=ruined. Okay, moving on to the actual review. 
At first I was a bit hesitant because  (read my review after the break)
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I was tagged on tumblr by the 
cutie koalamuffins to do this long and fun character Q&A tag for my upcoming NA novel, LOSE ME.
 It's 90 questions long (yep. You read that correctly.) but I will only answer the ones that are juicy (more after the break)
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 I have an instagram now! It's here: mcfrank_author . It's currently private, so just hit that follow button, and I'd love to follow you back :) 

On a side note, I think I might be slightly obsessed with (more after the break)
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Anonymous asked on Tumblr:
Hi there :) I was just wondering, do you outline or do you think it's not necessary? I hear so many opinions lately, I'm confused.

Answer: (read after the break)
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