This is the best day in an author's life. Whether you already are a writer or hoping to become one, 
you must already know this: to do it for the money is laughable; to do it for the fame is silly.
No, that's not why you become a writer. This is the reason...
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I really hope you are not the intended audience for this book, because that means you're not a teen (we all know how much that sucks), you haven't in your entire life struggled with any mental issue, nor have you had anyone close to you suffer from mental illness at all. There's one more option, and that's that you aren't a human being who is curious about what other people might be...
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was one of the most beautiful,
exotic and sensual romance novels I've read this month.

A journalist travels all the way to Cadiz to interview a successful doctor who is hiding a dangerous secret and...
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Achievement unlocked!

RUINED has just reached #1 on  Amazon's Bestseller List. Thank you all for making that happen.

If you...
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Time to face facts: the rejection letter.

I personally think that it's one of the bravest and smartest things a person can do, to  take steps in order to...
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W E L C O M E 

T O     T H E

A M A Z I N G    W O R L D

O F 

M. C.   F R A N K's    S T O R I E S

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Announcing my new novel,
coming winter 2017 
(release date TBA)

LOSE ME. is the NA (new adult) story of a British actor and a...
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Giveaway time!

I posted this pic on instagram and said that I randomly discovered these two copies of The Book Candy Classics edition of Persuasion on my bookshelves, and would anyone like them.

Well, guess what? (giveaway after the break)

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I just spent the entire morning doing the best job on the planet: I just mailed six of my books to the loveliest readers (India, Europe, Puerto Rico and more…) I am so excited to have you read my books, you guys, I can’t believe that you love them and keep pushing me to write more. I am truly...
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Happy pub day to the long-awaited second book in the No Ordinary Star series!

Today is the release date of the second book in the No Orinary Star series, No Plain Rebel! Yay! 
The celebration is well under way on...
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